NOVA Landscape & Design Warranty

Thank you for doing business with NOVA Landscape!

We hope you enjoy your new purchase for years to come. You are now entitled to our 1-year warranty on all plants and trees purchased and installed by NOVA Landscape.

You are now entitled to our 5-Year Labor Warranty on all hardscape installations.

  • Our Warranty on plants and trees is valid for one year from date of installation. This warranty is only valid on plants purchased from NOVA Landscape.
  • Warranty does not cover plants purchased elsewhere and installed by NOVA Landscape.
  • Warranty is valid for a one-time replacement on a specific plant.
  • Warranty is void if client is responsible for negligence and improper care of plant, including lack of proper watering and feeding, etc.
  • Original sales receipt and dead plant must be presented at the time of replacement in order for the warranty to be honored.
  • Delivery and/or installation charges will not be refunded, and cash refunds will not be given.
    Warranty plant replacements are not further included in an extended warranty.
  • We do not accept plant returns due to damage from deer, rabbits, squirrels, groundhogs, or any other animals.
  • Warranty does not cover acts of nature, such as damage from a storm or natural disaster.
  • Warranty also does not cover damage due to construction or utility work around the home.
  • Hardscape installations include a 5-year labor warranty for any heaping, heaving, or sinking.
  • Paver products come with a limited lifetime transferable manufacturer warranty on the structural integrity of its product line used in residential applications. Refer to manufacturer’s warranty for additional details.

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